The Sustainable Business Model Canvas supports the development of an idea into a viable business model. It follows a holistic approach regarding the relationships within and outside the business.

Besides economic criteria it focusses on ecological and social consequences of the activity. It aims at maximizing positive and avoiding negative impact on society and nature. Therefore, sustainability is integrated into the core business.

The visualization on the canvas fosters coherence of the concept and clarification among the team members. It further supports communication with third parties and prepares for a solid business plan.

There is no strict rule for the starting point. Usually, eihter the Value Proposition or the Customer Segments will provide an answer to the questions:

  • Which problem do we want to solve?

  • Whose problem do we want to solve?

The elements may be grouped as follows:

  • Value Proposition – Customer Relationships – Channels – Customer Segments
  • Key Partners – Key Activities – Key Resources
  • Cost Structure – Revenue Streams
  • Eco-Social Costs – Eco-Social Benefits

(See also the Business Model Canvas tutorial)